Police Make Progress in Woolmer Investigation

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields has said that investigators have made some progress in analyzing closed caption television (CCTV) footage, recovered from the hotel, where the body of late Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, was found.
“Progress is going quiet well. At a meeting yesterday evening (March 27), I looked at a few still images myself, and I satisfied myself that I can easily identify people, who were on the floor, in that there were some people, whom I had met in the week after the murder of Bob Woolmer, who I can clearly, visible identify,” he stated.
DSP Shields, who was addressing journalists at a press conference held yesterday (March 28) at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston, noted that more work was needed to improve and enhance the quality of some of the CCTV footage.
He pointed out however that the use of these images was just one method that investigators were utilizing to find a suspect in Mr. Woolmer’s murder. In addition, he noted, police were working with the hotel to examine records of entry to his room. Mr. Woolmer’s laptop computer as well as his cellular phone, which were seized by the police, are still being examined for clues that might assist in establishing a motive for his murder.
DSP Shields, in meantime, dismissed speculations that investigators had ordered a second post-mortem into the death. “I can assure you at this time that there is no second post-mortem. There is no planned second-post-mortem and therefore I would like to just clear up that piece of speculation that has been floating around the world in the last 24 hours or so, ” he said.
He told journalists that there were still no results from the toxicology and histology tests being conducted by the Forensic Laboratory. “I spoke to Dr. Judith Mowatt, the Director of the Forensic Laboratory.and there are no results. She has to make absolutely sure that every single test in terms of toxicology is done properly and therefore I am not going to rush her or the team,” he stated.
“The investigations will progress.everybody involved in this investigation knows the urgency of this investigation and that we need to bring Bob Woolmer’s killers or killer to justice as soon as possible. At the same time, we must remain professional and systematic and methodological in our approach,” DSP Shields pointed out.
Mr. Woolmer was found unconscious in his room at the Jamaica Pegasus on Sunday, March 18, and was later pronounced dead at the University Hospital of the West Indies. He was 58 years old.
His body is at a local funeral parlour and once the inquest into his death is completed, will be expatriated to Cape Town, South Africa where he lived with his wife and his two sons.

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