PM Signs Contract for Majesty Gardens Housing

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on May 18 signed a $160 million agreement with Ashtrom Building Systems to complete 48 houses in the Corporate Area community of Majesty Gardens, for occupation in December. The houses are being built under the Inner City Development Program (ICDP), of which the National Housing Trust is the lead agency. The entire cost of the project in Majesty Gardens is $278.6 million, including infrastructure work for the development.
In her remarks, Mrs Simpson Miller said that the Majesty Gardens component of the ICDP started after representation by elected officials, and stalled with the change of administration.

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“I want to congratulate the NHT, and other agencies which have brought us to this point where we can restart our programme in Majesty Gardens, and welcome Ashtrom on board again. I know that I was off the island, but the news carried Majesty Gardens. What they did not carry, was that the houses were started, but they did not start by chance; it was by the Member of Parliament and the councillors that that made representation on behalf of the people of Majesty Gardens for these houses. I noticed everything was carried in the clip, except the houses that were started were never completed. I hope for the day in Jamaica when no one will play politics with the lives of the people of this country,” the Prime Minister said.
The 48 two- and three-bedroom houses are being completed under Phase 1 of the ICDP. Phase 2 involves the construction of an additional 48 units where the community lifestyle needs will be incorporated into the planning and design.
Mrs Simpson Miller said that the residents should regard the units as a part of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary independence, as they will know that in December they will have proper housing.
The 172 other housing units completed under the ICDP in the Corporate Area are: 94 units on Little King Street; 186 units at 88 Spanish Town Road; 256 units in Trench Town; 48 units in Monaltrie; 344 units on Block J, Denham Town; and 248 units at 231 Spanish Town Road.

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