Legislation to Combat Cyber Crime will Create Secure Environment for Doing Business

Minister of State for Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce, Senator Kern Spencer, has said that the government’s efforts to implement appropriate legislation to combat electronic fraud and cyber crimes, would serve to create a secure business environment and enhance consumer confidence.
“Recent experiences in Jamaica with respect to electronic fraud and indeed the global increase in cyber crimes have given momentum to our efforts to craft effective anti-cyber crime legislation. These measures, reinforced by good corporate governance and the application of appropriate security technology, will serve to create a secure business environment and enhance consumer confidence,” he stated.
The State Minister, who was speaking today (April 12) at the launch of the Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft System Centre at the Hilton Kingston hotel, pointed to the Standards Act and Regulations; the Consumer Protection, Postal Corporation, Telecommunications and the Electronic Acts, as legislation in place to fight electronic fraud and cyber crimes and modernize the country’s business environment.
According to Senator Spencer, Jamaica was becoming increasing technologically advanced and the use of information communications technology (ICT) had become an important part of service delivery.
“As we become more increasingly reliant on technology, the government has been offering an increasing number of services online, to make it easier for our citizens to do business, and we have recorded successes in the deployment of e-services,” he pointed out.
He cited the Jamaica Customs e-payment system, the National Land Agency’s E-land Jamaica facility, the Companies of Jamaica’s online access facility, and the Internal Revenue Department’s tax payment portal, as initiatives to improve business practices.
The State Minister pointed out however, that the legal framework for commercial banking, trade and other financial relationships were derived from the computer era and were ill-suited to the notion of electronic commerce.
“Many of the laws under which the government and private sector conduct their business are still heavily dependent on paperwork, evidenced by original versions of executed paper documents. Without modifications to Jamaica’s legal framework to accommodate and promote the emerging electronic commerce economy, the full development of the implementation and online processes in Jamaica will be impeded,” he stated.
The Microsoft Forefront and System Centre are tools that revolutionize the technological platform of companies, in terms of management and security. The products offer businesses an agile and secure infrastructure that easily integrates and simplifies management, and maximizes productivity of the Windows platform.

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