Executive Office


The Executive Division is led by the CEO who is the Chief Accounting Officer reporting to the Portfolio Minister and the Permanent Secretary. The CEO operates under a Performance Agreement with the Minister in accordance with the Executive Agency Act (2002). This Agreement is a key Accountability document which provides a basis for specification and review of performance in terms of output delivery and management as set out in the Agency’s Framework Document. The CEO has overall responsibility for guiding the operations of the Agency. The Executive Division consists of Internal Audit, Special Projects and Human Resources Departments. In addition to the Public Relations Department which drives productivity, the CEO is supported by a senior leadership team comprising the Deputy CEO and Chief State Liaison with responsibility for Research, Print and Production, Director of Corporate Services, Director of Human Resources and a Director of Production. The Corporate and Operating Plans are the tools employed by the CEO to report on the Agency’s overall performance to all our stakeholders. These plans are signed by the portfolio Minister at the start of each Financial year. 

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