Beach Management Plan Prepared

A Beach Management Plan has been prepared for all of the island’s publicly owned or managed recreational beaches, and is to be examined by Cabinet.

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, says this is being done to upgrade public beaches.

Making his contribution to the 2017/18 Sectoral Debate in the House on April 25, the Minister also pointed out that policy documents have been advanced for discussion on the National Policy on Environmental Management Systems (EMS), National Policy and Strategy on the Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes, National Wildlife Trade Policy, National Biosafety Policy, National Beach Sand Policy as well as the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

The Minister said the Government has prioritised the plan for electrical and electronic waste, and a Multi-Stakeholder Committee has been established for the management of plastic packaging materials.

He told the House that the Committee is mandated to examine options for the management of single-use of plastic bags and styrofoam, and an announcement will be made before the end of the fiscal year on the management approach for the materials.

The Minister said the Forestry Department will be providing 400 jobs in its continued efforts to reforest denuded lands, and maintain planted areas. In the process, some 100 hectares of land will be planted, while 200 hectares will be maintained.

On the issue of delimitation of the boundaries of the Cockpit Country, Mr. Vaz said Cabinet has taken a decision to have an independent assessment done, taking into consideration the concerns of various interest groups in relation to environmental protection and economic growth.

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