$326 Million Earmarked for Rose 2

The thrust to improve the quality and equity of secondary education through school-based initiatives will be advanced this fiscal year with the allocation of $326.2 million for the Reform of Secondary Education Project (ROSE), Phase II.
The sum has been set aside in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, which are now before the House of Representatives. The project will, during the period: continue the implementation of 99 school improvement plans; continue consultancy in the development of diagnostic tools; print and distribute diagnostic tools to 20 pilot schools; print 5,000 copies of guidance and counselling manuals; and provide tuition for 435 students in independent schools. The project will also complete construction/extension work at the Annotto Bay High school, and commence construction work on Paul Bogle High; print foundation books; and procure furniture and equipment for Annotto Bay High.
ROSE has satisfied a number of targets up to February 2007. These include: full staffing of the Project Implementation Unit; printing of 300 school improvement manuals; sensitization workshops for school personnel; training of 396 school personnel in school improvement planning; completion of 99 school improvement plans, 48 of which were approved and are being implemented; and training of 421 personnel in calculating school capacity.
In addition, six regional panels were established; grants were disbursed to 91 schools to facilitate drafting of school improvement plans; in-service training on the ROSE curriculum was completed for 932 teachers; and 703 students were placed in independent schools, with 197 students completing the three-year programme.
Meanwhile, land survey, soil testing and designs were completed for six school sites; diagnostic tools and strategies were developed and 108 resource teachers were trained; 10,000 copies of foundation books and 67,500 copies of guidance books were printed; training of 414 guidance counsellors was completed; the extension to the Annotto Bay High school is 84 per cent complete; and design work for Paul Bogle High school has been completed and the tender document prepared.
The project is being funded in the sum of $256.4 million by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, with the Government of Jamaica providing the additional $69.7 million.

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