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Judges Sworn in for Higher Service

Judges display their Instruments of Appointment following a swearing-in ceremony at King’s House on April 13. They are (from left): Justice Jennifer Straw, who will act as Judge of the Court of Appeal; Miss Yvonne Brown, who will act as Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court; Justice Andrea Pettigrew Collins, who will act as Master-in-Chambers of the Supreme Court; and Justice Carolyn Tie who will serve as Master-in-Chambers of the Supreme Court.

Four female members of the judiciary have been appointed to serve at higher levels within Jamaica’s courts. With effect from April 19, Justice Carolyn Tie and Justice Andrea Pettigrew Collins will serve as Masters-in-Chambers of the Supreme Court. Mrs. Pettigrew … Continued


Business Leaders Suggest Consultations

Small Businesses Association of Jamaica President, Hugh Johnson.

Several business leaders have underscored the importance of consistent stakeholder consultations by the Government on policies being proposed prior to implementation. They argued that this is imperative, particularly for policies deemed to be potentially far-reaching and impactful. Their suggestion comes … Continued