$200 Million Allocated to Road Rehabilitation Project

The Road Rehabilitation Project of the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works has received a sum of $200 million in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House.
This project, which is jointly funded by the Government and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, serves to upgrade the road network, through the rehabilitation of 274 kilometres of roads in several parishes.
The 12 parishes to benefit are: Westmoreland, to include sections of Georges Plain to Ferris and Gooden River Bridge to Glascow; Manchester, including Whitney Turn to Trinity, Walderston to Grantham and Caines Shop to Highgate Hall; Clarendon, to include Sour Sop Turn to Danks; St. Thomas, to comprise Port Morant to Pleasant Hill; and Trelawny, including Falmouth to Springvale and Setting to Highgate Hall.
Other parishes to benefit are: St. Elizabeth, to involve the section from Luana to Sandy Ground; Hanover, to comprise the communities of Glascow to Green Island; St. Ann, to include Alexandria to Brown’s Town; St. Mary, to involve the areas of Oracabessa to Union Hill and Rio Nuevo to Lambkin Hill; and St. Catherine, including Twickenham Park to the Old Harbour ‘Round-a-Bout’ and ‘Bypass’, respectively.
The target for the 2007/08 financial year involves the rehabilitation of 34 kilometres of road sections that remain incomplete under the programme.
The project, which is expected to be completed in March 2008, has resulted in a number of achievements up to February this year, to include the completion and the final certification of lots 6 and 9 at Williamsfield to Greenvale, and Mandeville to Mark Post, in the parish of Manchester.
In addition, surveys and studies have been completed on identified road sections which will be rehabilitated; 8.88 kilometres of road sections have been completed in Westmoreland, to comprise Torrington to Galloway, and an additional 6.3 kilometres of roads have been completed in the parish, from Truro Gate to Locust Tree.
Substantial works have also been done in the parish of St. Andrew to comprise the areas of Stony Hill to Tom’s River.

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